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Welcome to Handstands for Goals!

GIVING OPPORTUNITY to AUTISTIC kids to LEARN and grow through SPORTS. Handstand for goals is an annual soccer camp for children with autism ages 3-12.

Handstands for GOALS wants each athlete to have a rewarding experience – including the opportunity to practice soccer skills on a one-on-one basis and as a member of a team. Handstands is not just about soccer; it is about helping each child feel special and loved.


How do I apply?

Each athlete is accompanied by an individual volunteer mentor who knows what training methods to reinforce and to avoid with their athlete. Most mentors are members of local soccer clubs but mentors can have little or no soccer experience and still reach a desired outcome. With wonderful sponsors and help from people throughout the community, each athlete receives a shirt, soccer ball, cinch bag, and water bottle.

Event Details: July 19th and 20th from 10:00 AM-11:00 AM.

Registrations must be complete by
Friday, July 10th.

Looking for an opportunity to volunteer? We'd love to have you! Please click the link to register as a volunteer.

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