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We are  more than Sports,

We are  a Family.

An organization ran by parents who have kids in the same situation as yours.


Mission & Approach

The East Idaho Adaptive Sports and Recreation Foundation strives to provide opportunities for special needs children to participate in athletic programs in a comfortable and safe environment. Sporting programs and events will promote inclusion, positivity, and opportunities for growth. All events will encourage family participation, peer interaction, and community involvement. 



By contributing to our program we are able to continue to expand our sports programs, buy necessary equipment, and give these kids our very best. It's much more than another sporting event to us, it's a opportunity that some of these kids haven't ever had before.


Become a Sponsor

East Idaho Adaptive Sports is sponsored by the listed businesses. 

If you'd like to become a sponsor or volunteer, please call Kristy at 208-680-9397 or press the "Call Now" button.

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