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For Parents & Guardians

An organization led by parents who have kids in the same place yours are.

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Our Parents Story

No parent is quite prepared for life with a special needs child. it is exhausting and can be frustrating at times, and SO rewarding!

Adaptations are needed everywhere: to our homes, in our schedules, at our places of work, at daycares, and at school in order for our children to be successful. Recreation and sports usually comes at the end of that list of necessary accommodations! We would all love to have a children be able to play in typical rec leagues, but ask ourselves, "How?"


East Idaho Adaptive Sports and Recreation is designed to allow children with all ability levels to participate in sporting activities. We help create the accommodations your child needs to play sports! We believe that all children deserve a chance to be included on a team and in our community!

Frequently Asked 

East Idaho Adaptive Sports thrives off our wonderful community. Without your donations and involvement, we wouldn't be where we are today.

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